CS 1120 Automatic Adjudicator

You can use this service to submit, test and receive feedback on problem set submissions. For many of your assignments the server will run your submission through a number of tests and report the results back to you. You may resubmit as often as you like before the deadline — only your final submission will be used to evaluate you.

If you are using PyCharm at home, a license key is available — but only for students registered for CS 1120. Unauthorized use is an Honor (and possibly Civil) violation.

The following notice is required by ITC for NetBadge authentication:

WARNING: Protect your privacy! Prevent unauthorized use!

  1. Exit your Web browser completely (quit the web browser) when you are finished using it to access automatic adjudication.
    Follow this link for detailed instructions >>.
  2. If you have a digital certificate on your computer, you must logoff or restart your computer to end your NetBadge session or enable a password-protected screen saver to prevent someone else from using your certificate credentials to obtain a NetBadge. Every user should always have a password-protected screen saver enabled on their computer for a variety of reasons.
  3. If you are using an Internet kiosk and are unable to exit the Web browser, please follow this link for instructions that use the logout button to accomplish most of the logout functionality that you would normally achieve by exiting from your web browser.